Cinelli Pillar Seatposts

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  • >Features an innovative 2 bolt system that lets you adjust fore and aft along with tilt simultaneously

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Pillar spokes, how are they?

what do you guys think of pillar spokes? im talking about their steel spokes (not ti). are they as good as the rest (sapim, wheelsmith, dt)? thanksRead More »

Spoke question - Pillar vs CX-Rays

This is a weight question, but that forum doesn't get much traffic so I thought I might get a better response here since a lot of builder hang out in the wheel forum. (I tried finding a website for Pillar spokes, but no suck luck.) What the weight difference is between Pillar steel bladed spokes ... Read More »

Difference between Sapim Laser and Pillar Bladed spokes?

Whats the difference between these two spokes as far as weight and strength? Is one that much better than the other or are they comparible (other than one is bladed and the other is not)? Update - I finally found the Pillar website (not easily found in a Google or Yahoo search) looks like t ... Read More »

Who's the U.S. distributor for Pillar?

I emailed them this question and I haven't received a response. I was just wondering where a wheelbuilder would find these.Read More »

Pillar spokes

I want buy Sapim CX-Ray spokes for my new wheelset. I choised American Classic 350 road rims and Soul-Kozak hubs (52 g front, 168 g rear). But I saw this page: [url][/url] Pillar Ti ... Read More »

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