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corima ellipse

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Phil Wood Bottom Bracket Length with Sugino 75's and Mavic Ellipse Wheelset?

So i'm building up a Langster S-Works for casual weekend rides and for the velodrome and was never able to get a straight answer on this matter... What size bottom bracket should i get to compliment the Sugino 75's (the black ones) with the "offset" of the Mavic Ellipse wheelset for a perfect chainl ... Read More »

ellipse crank?

Hi guys i have old bianchi and i want to make it single speed but my cranks are ellipse can i go with circle chainring on them?Read More »

Will Ellipse's fit on a Langster?

I have a 2009 Langster Vegas, I found a great deal one just a front wheel Mavic Ellipse, but now I really want the rear to match... will it fit? I only ask because I read somewhere a while back that the Ellipse rear axel length is 120mm and the Langster is 130mm. Is this correct?Read More »

Are Mavic Ellipse too stiff for general commuting

Guys I wanted to put these on my fixed IF I can get them at a gerat price and thought the all balck look would match the white frame But as these are dedicated track wheels am scared there stiffness will make the ride too stiff for general road riding Is this the case and am I better with some ... Read More »

Carnac ellipse's are screwed

Has anyone ever had the screw that holds the carnac cleat plate thingie become stripped? I just had two of these on one shoe mess up. The grommet or whatever you call it where the screw screws in is turning as i use allen wrench to unscrew. As a result I was forced to pop the plastic plate off bo ... Read More »

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