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Dean Aluminum Seatpost

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Putting Aluminum Seatpost in Aluminum Frame - What Grease Do I Need?

Simple question: What grease/lube do need to insert an aluminum seatpost in an aluminum frameset. Thanks!Read More »

Seatpost size? Measuring.... (Tsunami Aluminum Taiwan)

I have a Tsunami frame made in Taiwan, about 3 years old, but having trouble determining proper seatpost size. I want to put a carbon post on it. It came to me with an oddball sized post with a shim, with no size markings. So I got some digital calipers and measured the inside diameter of the seat t ... Read More »

Seatpost: carbon or aluminum ??? why

I am looking for a new post for my Trek Pilot.. It's got a bontrager race carbon post now, nothing wrong with it but I want a set back post ,, was thinking a thomson or should I stick with carbon.. What are if any benefits of a carbon post over an aluminum post like a thomson... The bike is an alum ... Read More »

Cutting aluminum seatpost

I got a cheapo Kalloy seatpost for my latest build, and it's approximately 5 miles long. I'm tempted to cut it down some--it doesn't hit on the bottle bosses, but it's got to be close, since there's only about 5-6 inches showing out of what is over a foot of post. Shame on me for not paying atte ... Read More »

aluminum seatpost in Giant carbon frame - grease the post or not???

what's the consensus. On the Easton site they no grease on carbon post and a bit of gease on aluminum. Unfortunately they don't distinguish between one frame material and another.Read More »

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