DEDA Zero100 Seatposts

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The Deda Zero100 seat post is made from 2014 aluminum alloy that gets a proprietary 3D forging method to maximize its durability. Forging preserves the structure of an alloy to a greater extent than typical CNC'ed alloy. The 3D process also uses a special lubricant during the forging process that keeps the post walls thin and light. Many alloy seat posts are machined, not 3D forged. A huge upside to the Zero100 is that you won't have to worry about crimping it by over-tightening the clamp it (at least not you reach 16Nm in clamping force).The Zero100 shares the same micro adjustment mechanism developed for Deda's SuperZero carbon post. Deda's two-bolt high quality alloy mechanism allows you to change the saddle's position very precisely and securely. The head accepts Vanox, K:ium, Carbon, or Titanium saddle rails. Available in 27.2 and 31.6 mm diameters, the Zero100 has a length of 310 mm, and a setback of 25mm. Matte black finish only.The actual weight of the Deda Zero100 Seatpost: 27.2 is 233g. 31.6 is 250g.

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