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All Mountain riding demands a certain level of quality and strength. The Easton Haven seatpost lives up to the high standard of quality that All Mountain riding demands. Lightweight is always a factor when considering new parts but strength...

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Haven't posted in 6 years...re-intro and questions

Like the title says, I've been MIA for years here. Quick intro: 38, wife, numerous kids, started riding in '01, raced for a handful of years, been in and out of a number of bikes, and here I stand today, no bike to my name, and I want to get back into it. Been through a LeMond Buenos Aires, Airbo ... Read More »

I Haven't Been In My LBS For About Six Months...

And I went there today because I was passing by on my way back from Best Buy and thought I would stop in and say hello and pick up some supplies I need. Well, they remodeled the place and it looks great. Business seems to be doing good for them. We chatted for a while and it was refreshing to see ... Read More »

New to CT (New Haven/Stratford Area)

I just took a job in Stratford. I'm temporarily living in Shelton while we look for a house. Thinking about Woodbridge/Orange area for schools. Would love tips on good routes in area and referrals to good shop.Read More »

CAPITALIST BOMB: Texas Style / Why haven't we been talking about this?

The Tsarnaev brothers... I mean, West Fertilizer Company created a dangerous situation that lead to an explosion that killed 14 people and injured in excess of 200. Why haven't we been talking about this industrial accident? Has Lindsey Graham said the DHS, EPA and OSHA 'Dropped The Ball' yet ... Read More »

I haven't been on in a while but wanted to say hi. There is still less of me.

Thanks in some part to the encouragement I got from this website, about 14 months ago I started to excercise and began to ride a bike as part of a quest to improve my life and spend a few extra years with the grandkids. I am still not anywhere near thin, but in the last 11 months I have made good p ... Read More »

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