Enve Composites Zero Offset Seatposts

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ENVE'S carbon fiber seatpost utilizes all of Enve's carbon fiber experience with high end lightweight and strong carbon to deliver a seatpost with the strength to use on the road or singletrack. Weighing in at just 191g (27.2mm), the ENVE s...

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Zero setback or Offset Seatpost

If I ride a bike with a 74.2° seat angle and zero setback post and sits just past middle favored towards the rear, my new bike will have a 73.5° seat angle, is it safe to assume I will continue to need a zero setback post? I am trying to figure out what will work best, interesting enough I had a b ... Read More »

ISO Zero Offset Seatpost

I am looking for a zero mm offset seatpost of a post that gets closer to zero offset than the standard 25mm offset posts. I know that Thompson makes seatposts with a zero mm offset but that are not practical for me due to my weight (225 lbs). I rode a Thompson once when I weighed closer to 200 lbs ... Read More »

Seat mast topper w/ zero offset?

Looking for one to fit 37mm (or larger; I can shim it) seat mast, with zero offset. Everything seems to be 8-25° set-back, and that's not what I want.Read More »

Zero Offset Carbon Ritchey Seatposts now available

[IMG]http://www.ritcheylogic.com/dealermedia/seatpost/slides/post_wcs_cf_1bolt_0_offset.jpg[/IMG] WCS Carbon One-Bolt Post Patent pending one-bolt clamp system makes seat installation and adjustment extremely simple Loosening one single bolt allows for both fore/aft and tilt adjustments = ... Read More »

Zero offset seatmast head for TCR Advanced SL

I have a TCR Advanced SL 2. To get my fit right I've got my saddle pushed all the way forward. I must have short femurs or something, because my Roubaix and TCX fit like this also. With the ISP I don't have the option of picking up a zero offset seatpost. If you look at the specs for the frame set i ... Read More »

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