Fizik Cyrano Carbon Seatposts

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Product Description

The beautifully designed Cyrano Carbon seatpost shaves a few grams off its aluminum counterpart with the same innovative clamp design. Fizik found that most of the force exerted by the saddle is on the lower clamp which is long with a smooth radius to hold the rails snug without causing excessive stress points that lead to rail failure. The top clamp can thus be shorter with a lower profile to maximize rail fore and aft adjustment and stay clear of saddle flex especially with today's low profile saddles.

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Fizik Cyrano carbon seatpost

Is this thing just not for sale yet? I can't seem to find one anywhere. Of the few websites that do list it, they don't actually let you choose any selections for sizes... they're all grayed out. I really want one of these things to mount my new Fizik saddle... help a brotha out, guys.Read More »

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