FSA Gossamer Seatposts

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FSA Gossamer Seatpost. Designed to go the extra mile in terms of comfort, light weight and style, the Gossamer seatpost is a great go-to post for anyone looking to upgrade their factory post with a high-quality aftermarket unit.

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Gossamer crank BB30 to 68mm question.

Ok totally new, I am sure this has been asked before but I could not find any post for it. I wanted to build my own bike and figured I would start with some parts. While on CL I found a full Ultegra for a great price. The guy also gave me a pair of Gossamer cranks that fit into a 30 BB. they w ... Read More »

Crankset clicking - FSA Gossamer - BB or arms?

Picked up a new (to me) CX bike over the weekend. Noticed the crankset clicks a little bit - something I hadn't noticed on my test ride. It has an FSA Gossamer compact and looks like internal bottom bracket (no big metal rings outside the bottom bracket area of the frame. I'm guessing this would ... Read More »

FSA Gossamer crank 36/46 to 50/34?

Quick question. I was wondering if I can put Sram chain rings on an FSA crank or if I should use FSA rings. I want to go to a compact gearing for a better range of gears on my cross bike. I'm not sure about the bolt pattern...Read More »

42t inner for my FSA Gossamer Cross crank?

I have an FSA Gossamer Cross crank 36/46. I want to go 1x10 on it with a 42T ring and a bashguard. Can you guys direct me as to what to buy for the chainring? I'll be buying the 42T 110BCD bashguard from this page: [url]http://www.bbgbashguard.com/Cyclocross.html[/url] as well as the 3rd ... Read More »

FSA Gossamer MegaExo Triple BB question

I have a 2008 FSA crank, are the bottom brackets to these interchangeable with Shimano by any chance? Not sure if I need to replace mine yet, but am looking ahead. I have been hearing "noises" down there and will first tighten everything in sight including cleats, seats, bottle racks and so on. I am ... Read More »

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