Fyxation Pilot Seatposts

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Product Description

The Fyxation Pilot Seatpost is a micro-adjust seatpost that while named after our Pilot saddle, is a great seatpost for anyone looking for strength and adjustability. Made out of high quality 2014-T6 aluminum.

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Controltech Pilot Checkpoint

I amn looking to put my computer out a little farther in fron of me. I was looking at the different options for my Sigma ROX 5.0 to which there does not seem to be a who lot like the Garmins. Anyone have any experience with this brand: [url=http://www.controltechbikes.com/english/examples/a_speed ... Read More »

Helicopter Pilot Fakes His Way Into News Choppers And Hospital Flights

Cute story... right up til you realize that despite all of our post 9-11 security theatre, this guy was still flying a chopper around. Boy I feel safe now. "Under his real name, he had lost his pilot’s license in the mid-1990s, and in order to continue flying, he had to invent this persona and b ... Read More »

News Anchor Gets Trolled With Fake Pilot Names for Asiana Flight 214

[video=youtube;yUqzTu0gcXU]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUqzTu0gcXU[/video]Read More »

Honda Pilot vs Subaru Outback

Subject says it all. Vote, discuss! tldr version: I do so love my Ford Ranger sport edition but it's not the most practical vehicle for a growing family. I want something that can fit (at minimum) 2 adults and 2 kids, good for road trips (room for 4 people plus luggage plus a dog), good for th ... Read More »

I can't get my pilot light to light.

Maintenance has replaced the thermocouple thingy twice this week 'cuz it keeps going out. They left a note for me while I was at work saying that if it goes out over the weekend, just relight it and they'll fixerate it Monday. But now I can't even get the damn thing to light. Well, it lights, ... Read More »

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