Giant Alloy Seatpost Seatposts

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MSRP : $25.00

Product Description

  • Diameter: 27.2, 30.9
  • Length: 300mm, 375mm
  • Offset: 20

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Lightweight seatpost alloy alien use

I've been searching for a lightweight sub 200 gram seatpost for my steel bike and I want a silver alloy look not carbon. I was thinking about the use alien there's 1 in my length 4 sale on the bay. Question anyone's has this seatpost or had it in the past. Thoughts etc..Read More »

Ritchey WCS Alloy 2-bolt seatpost

I bought the Ritchey WCS Alloy 2-Bolt seatpost and have had nothing but trouble getting it to hold my saddle in position. Adjusting the saddle tilt can be difficult, but the big issue is it tilting back on it's own. I've torqued it to the 16 nM spec, slowly going up in torque one side at a time. On ... Read More »

carbon assembly paste for alloy seatpost in carbon frame

I know when you use a carbon seatpost it is recommended to use the carbon assembly paste on a carbon frame. What are you suppose to use with an aluminum seatpost and a carbon frame? Do I use regular grease or the carbon prep?Read More »

Zero offset, alloy seatpost

I'm looking for a good zero offset, alloy seat post. Any recommendations? Thanks.Read More »

Lightest alloy setback seatpost.

Let's play a game - my fixed gear need a new seatpost. 25mm setback, non-carbon, NOT Thomson (it looks like an abortion with the setback.) What's the lightest?Read More »

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