Kalloy Comfort Seatposts

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Product Description

The Kalloy Comfort Seatpost is a suspension seatpost that will help absorb what your bike doesnt. Single bolt head pressed onto shaft 20mm offset, 95mm minimum height, 250mm maximum height Weight: 432 g Length: 350...

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Helmet fit and comfort

From the fall of 2009 until the fall of 2013 I wore a helmet made by Louis Garneau that cost me about $50 that was so comfortable I often forgot I was wearing it. That helmet saved my head in a very slow-speed crash last fall (my front tire got stuck as I went from cobblestones onto a sidewalk). Sin ... Read More »

Riding shoes...stiffmenss index=comfort

Noticing a pair of Bontragers (available in WIDE for me) has Stiffness index on their website at 10.0 [url=http://www.bontrager.com/model/11652]Bontrager: RL Road (Model #11652)[/url] $180. Specialized has two shoes available in size WIDE, one for $160 Stiffness index 6.0 $275 w 11.0!!!! Two ... Read More »

Component upgrade for comfort

Have a Cannondale CAAD9 that I really do like and fits well. Riding solo more and more and communing to work I am finding the want/need to make it more comfortable. I have even gone as soon far as thinking of buying a Synapse. But before I go dump a bunch of money on a shiny new bike, trying to see ... Read More »

2014 S3 Question: Long ride comfort?

Just curious if the new S3 is harsh on the longer rides. I'm told that the improvements to the frame and influences from the R- series have made the S3 more tolerable/less harsh on the long rides (50+ miles). Any opinions out there? The S3 is on my short list for the next bike purchase. Debating ... Read More »

Frugal rider seeking more long-ride comfort up front: wider or wrap bar with tube?

Recently I took off a Bontrager 25C tubeless for a Sector/Secteur 28c tubeless on my CR1. At about 75 or 80 psi it was the answer to my long distance chipseal torturefests. Even after 3 hours or more I can't find fault with it. Super happy and comfortable. Being the frugal SOB I am wondering if b ... Read More »

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