Kore Lite Seatposts

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The Kore lite seatpost is made of seamless drawn (not extruded) 2014 aluminum tubing. The outside diameter is manufactured by a process called

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Raleigh Technium Tri-Lite Worthy?

Been looking for a road bike to use for daily commute to school and for excercise, yet nothing interesting found till today: I found a Raleigh Technium Tri-Lite for sale looks exactly like this one: [url]http://i1015.photobucket.com/albums/af273/4oncraigslist/Raleigh%20Technium%20Tri-Lite/RaleighT ... Read More »

Forté Pro Lite Road Tire

Has anyone used these tires? Been thinking about getting one to try out (need to replace my Vittoria Diamante Pro Lite). The Diamante Pro Lite is a 170g tire. The Forte Pro Light is 205g. [url=http://www.performancebike.com/bikes/Product_10052_10551_1111722_-1___000000]Forté Pro Lite Road Tire -[ ... Read More »

Aksium Race to Vuelta Corsa Lite-- Upgrade?

My stock wheels are Mavic Aksium Race (2011) and I am considering the Vuelta Corsa Lite from Nashbar. The Aksium's have been problem free and reliable. Anyone make a similar switch who can comment whether this is a worthwhile move? Mostly ride rolling hills.Read More »

Help with Bontrager Race Lite

[COLOR=#333333][I]My Bontrager Race Lite rear wheel was stolen. I cannot afford to buy a new replacement set. Should I stick with a used Bontrager, or spring for something new but entirely different and less expensive? Can I keep my Bontrager on the front and a different wheel on the back?[/I][/COLO ... Read More »

Flo30 vs xxx lite wheelset

Well, I'm stuck. Building a light road bike for use in the maryland area and can't decide between the two. Average rides are in the 800ft/mile elevation gain world and avg speeds are around 19mph. So on one hand, having some snappy wheels for the climbs would be great, on the other hand, 3/4 a lb ... Read More »

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