Look RSP Seatposts

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Product Description

  • Allows returning to a traditional seat post with an integrated seat post frame* of E-Post type (* except for the 596 frame)
  • Facilitates reselling the bike.
  • Allows saddle height settings of great amplitude.
  • Large saddle retraction setting range.

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2011 586 RSP vs 2012 586 UD

I'm looking for feedback on the above frames. It seems like the main difference is that the RSP comes with a proprietary seat post while the UD takes a regular 27.2. Are there any other non-cosmetic differences?Read More »

Have Look 586 recent changes (RSP, UD) for the worst?

Hi all, I'm saving up for my first carbon bike and either Look 585, 586 or 595 (used or NOS) is one of frames that I'm interested in due to their "look" and very positive reviews around the web. Look 586 (SL version?) has been around for few years and I came across few riders who posted that they ... Read More »

RSP seatpost on a 595?

Has anyone fitted an RSP seatpost onto a 595 frame? Just curious. I'm looking for a 595 ultra frame, but most people cut the seat mast down too far for me to use. This may be a solution.Read More »

Read More »



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