Miche Supertype Seatposts

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Miche Supertype seatpost 27.2 x 270mm

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Miche Supertype Seatpost size

Does Miche Supertype have size 31.6mm ? I looked all over the internet, and all of them are in size 27.2mm. Anybody knows about this ? [IMG]http://www.redroseimports.com/Miche_images/supertype1.jpg[/IMG] Thanks !!Read More »

Miche Supertype Post Special?

Working on parts for my De Salvo steel frame, which is due in 2 months or so. Considering the Miche Supertype post. The post is clearly beautiful (to me at least) and has a unique clamp style. Beyond the clamp style and beauty, is there anything else that makes the post worthy of my consideration ... Read More »

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