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WCS stands for World Championship Series and WCS products from Ritshey represent the gold standard for lightweight, bombproof raceparts and cutting edge technology. The WCS Carbon 1 Bolt seatpost is just the thing to finish off your bike. B...

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Seatpost: Syntace P6 carbon or Ritchey wcs alu

Hi. Last component for my new marathon bike (c'dale six). Should i choose the Syntace P6 (2009/2010 model, 148 euro discount > 75 euro) full carbon shaft 200/220 gr. or should i go for the Ritchey wcs one bolt (2012, 55 euro) alu. My six has carbon seatstays and the rest of the frame is alu ... Read More »

ritchey WCS carbon vs. AL seatpost

I know it's been debated endlessly but ... I just ordered a new carbon frame and need to get a seatpost for it. I will either get a Ritchey WCS carbon or AL seatpost. I have 2 Al WCS posts and have been satisfied. Are there any drawbacks to the carbon other than price? It will be a 31.6 and my we ... Read More »

Ritchey WCS Alloy 2-bolt seatpost

I bought the Ritchey WCS Alloy 2-Bolt seatpost and have had nothing but trouble getting it to hold my saddle in position. Adjusting the saddle tilt can be difficult, but the big issue is it tilting back on it's own. I've torqued it to the 16 nM spec, slowly going up in torque one side at a time. On ... Read More »

Ritchey WCS Seatpost

Greetings, Does anyone have experience with the Ritchey WCS alloy 2-bolt seatpost? I'm in the process of having an LBS build me up a new Gunnar and this was the seatpost I had chosen. I also went with Ritchey WCS for stem, headset and bars for a complete matching set. After doing some further re ... Read More »

New WCS Seatpost

HI all, I'm considering purchasing a new WCS carbon seatpost, or perhaps the superlogic. Would the 1 bolt be ok for my weight, about 185 lbs or should I stick to the 2 bolt? Thanks for the advice.Read More »

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