Sette Edge Seatposts

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The Sette Edge Alloy seatpost provides reliability....

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Garmin Edge 305 not pairing speed sensor

I have recently purchase a Garmin Edge 305 head unit only. I currently own a VDO Z2 PC-link bike computer that is Ant+ which has a Heart rate strap and a speed sensor. So before purchasing the Edge 305 I went to [url=]THIS IS ANT - the Wireless Sensor Network Solution[/ ... Read More »

Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy Note Edge

Calling out all Note owners, are you impressed with the new Note 4? or the Note Edge? I am and I will get the Note Edge when it comes out to replace my Note 2. Note Edge: [video=youtube;gA1aOuK29_8][/video]Read More »

Garmin edge 510, 810, or 1000

What is the major differences between the Garmin edge 510, 810, and 1000? I'm a little confused from the information that I have read on the computers. For instance, I read that the edge 1000 is the only one that can give navigation, yet I also read that you can download maps onto the 510 and 810. T ... Read More »

Quick help with Trek "DuoTrap" / Garmin Edge 500 install

Maybe this should go somewhere else--but I'm not sure where. My new Trek Domane 4.0 is on the bike stand on the back porch and I'm trying to install the Trek DuoTrap speed/cadence sensor on it in time for tomorrow's ride. So far no real difficulty, BUT I just realized since the Edge 500 is a G ... Read More »

Strava/Garmin Edge Use Same Link

Yesterday, when I was going to upload my rides to Strava, it gave me the option to link to Garmin Express, so now when I upload to Garmin Connect, I I'm uploading to Strava at the same time, well, pretty much. Pretty handy little feature. When did this option happen?Read More »

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