Syncros FL Seatposts

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Syncros FL Seatpost - Superlight, super strong forged aluminum Micro adjust head, 0

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Miami, FL

Just wondering if there are any fellow riders from the MIA here :DRead More »

Port St Lucie, FL

Hi all, I'm going to be in Port St. Lucie visiting my inlaws from Jan. 21st to Feb. 4th. I'm bringing my road bike and would love to get in on some organized group rides or races. Anything going on you can recommend around the area? Also, I will have access to a car.Read More »

VOTER PURGE: FL GOP Lead Voter Registration Purge

[B][URL=""]Rick Scott Plans To Resume Voter Purge Effort In Florida[/URL][/B] Reuters How is it even constitutional for the state to purge registered voters from existing rolls purely based on the state's speculation a ... Read More »

Moving to Sanford Fl area

Anyone in or around Sanford area? New job means moving and would like some locals input about the good and bad areas. Just myself and wife so no concerns about schools. Apartments are our choice at the time. Don't want to have to mess with the yard and other BS with a rental house.Read More »

Tour de Cape in Cape Coral, FL on 20 January

Anyone going besides meh? Driving down from Chattanooga...12 hour drive...JUST to ride. :D *If I don't get out of this crap weather we've had for the last month, I'll kill I'm going. hehe [url=]TourDeCape - Cape Coral, FL[/url]Read More »

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