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Syncros ti Post

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What Forum Should I Post Asking for Members' Recommendations of Best Seat & Tubes to?

[COLOR=#800000][B]As I post in my introduction thread/post that “I need a new Bicycle Seat, too much discomfort to wait and longer. I am going to buy the thickest possible inter-tube I can get into the front wheel- have a flat right now.” my question is what forum should I post a post or thread aski ... Read More »

Craigslist post of the day.

[url=]The Crappiest Bike In Chicago[/url]Read More »

Anyone here spend much time with the Cobl Gobl-R seat post?

I'm highly intrigued by this seat post. Illinois roads (like many roads) can seriously suck at times and while I love my Tarmac and have no plans to buy a more "flexy" bike and the moment...a bit more absorbtion in the rear would be nice. I've been looking at this seat post for some time now and ... Read More »

Post-Tour Chatter

Let's chat. Cav looked trimmer than ever, but somehow lost on the stage he owns. Kittel bookends the tour, which is cool. Alp d'Huez isn't bad. The road they used after cresting the first time is. I am surprised nobody was seriously injured on that thing. But it was nice seeing pros riding ... Read More »

UCI & Sky: The similarities between post-Festina scandal & post-Lance scandal.

Post Festina affair, the UCI desperately needed to clean up cycling's image as a tainted sport, retaining its integrity AND profits; enter a new era - Lance and Team Postal, "proving" cycling had been cleaned up and was driven by honest, hardwork, not drugs. Post Lance, the sport has once again l ... Read More »

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