Zipp Speed Weaponry Service Course SL Seatposts

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Product Description

A high degree of adjustability makes finding the ideal, pedal-perfect saddle position simple and easy when you install a Zipp Speed Weaponry Service Course SL Seatpost.

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zipp service course SL vs Thomson

Hi, I am now changing my seatpost. I am debating (with myself alone) if I should go with the Zipp service course SL (with 0 setback) or with a thomson. the Thomson elite is the same weight as the Zipp but cost almost half. For the same price as the Zipp, there is the masterpiece, which is almos ... Read More »

Zipp Service Course SL Bars - Shape/Pics?

Looking at some Zipp Service Course SL bars for the ride. Having a tough time deciding between the Short & Shallow (SS) and the Traditional Bend (TB) designs, primarily because it's really damned hard to get a clear picture of the drops. The Zipp bar drop diagram ([url] ... Read More »

Zipp Service Course SL seatpost

Anyone use one of these or have any experience/knowledge about them? Looking for a new offset seatpost, not looking at carbon. If not Zipp, what other recommendations (Thompson, FSA, Easton)?Read More »

Review: Zipp Service Course SL Stem

"We have a review section; it's" I know, but sometimes, users prefer the comfort of other "live" (more active) users on this board to respond to any follow up questions. Besides, I can add some eye-gasmic low-res camera photos. I decided to review this purchase as I waited a mi ... Read More »

Does anyone else have a Zipp Service Course SL stem on order?

While I'm somewhat peeved at my distributor for having me wait on my order after advertising the new(ish) Zipp SC SL stem without a backorder status beforehand, I'm going to have to acknowledge the fact that they themselves never received that stem in their hands for what is a month already. Is Zipp ... Read More »

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