Zipp Speed Weaponry SL Speed Seatposts

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Product Description

The Zipp SL Speed Carbon Seatpost takes off where the standard Zipp Service Course leaves off. Instead of using lightweight aluminum, the Zipp SL Speed Carbon uses carbon fiber to save more weight but still retain stiffness. To save more we...

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FSA SL-K 10 speed crankset with 11 speed chain

Greetings..Has anyone ever successfully tried using The FSA-SLK 10 speed crankset with any campy 11 speed rear derailluer/chain. I know FSA has an 11 speed chainring specifically for Campy 11 but i am trying to get the most from this crankset. Will the chain be wide enough to accomodate the chain ... Read More »

Shimano SL-R770 flatbar shifters - 10 speed compatible?

Hi there- I acquired a set of Shimano SL-R770 shifters and am attempting to install on my 10sp (w/flatbar). Anyway, after and before I installed the shifter and cable, it only wants to "click" 6 times. Can anyone tell me why this is? Do I have to open the shifter up and mess with it? What kinda ... Read More »

Speed Dream vs. Zipp 101 vs. Ksyrium SL

I just bought a new bike and I am looking to upgrade my wheels ASAP. I've been really interested in both the 101's and the SL's BUT based on their price (and weight) I've recently been considering the Speed Dreams. A lot of the reviews on the Speed Dream are older so I was hoping that I could get ... Read More »

Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL - spoke hitting Polar speed sensor

Just got a new pair of the 2011 Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL Clinchers on my Ridley Noah. Moved the speed sensor all the way up to the top of the fork but am still having rubbing issues with the spokes on the inside of the speed sensor mount. Can anyone recommend a fix. I would prefer to not have to ... Read More »

8 speed cassette on Power Tap SL+ Hub

I am taking my PT SL+ wheel down to Florida for some "winter riding". My bike down there is Ultegra 8 speed... I want to put an 8 speed cassette on the PT wheel. Do I need any spacers or can I just put the cassette on and go??Read More »

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