Shimano Ultegra ST-6700 STI Shifters

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Product Description

As with all Shimano component groups, the signature piece of the new Ultegra 6700 set is the STI levers. Following the trickle-down rules of Shimano components, these share a design with their blingier brother, Dura Ace 7900, a body shape that is supposed to be easier to grasp and a changed pivot point which makes braking from the hoods easier. Like those levers, these route the shift cables under your handlebar tape. Like those levers, these have a carbon-fiber brake/shift lever blade that is shaped for better shifting; more material on the outside of the arm so there's more material for your finger(s) to find when upshifting and the levers are canted slightly outward for quicker action. The right lever can still downshift one, two, or three cogs at a time, while it can still upshift one cog at a time. The pivot and lever shape have been changed to pull more cable at the beginning of the brake lever stroke, ala their well-known Servo-Wave tech, so the brake pads can rest farther from the rim; it's also a way to, when paired with the matching brakes, increase braking power. Of course, there are differences. The left lever still has a

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