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Product Description

A CNC Machined stem from a solid Aluminium block. Four screw forged front clamp in light Aluminium alloy. A good compromise between strength and lightness. The rear closure is unique thanks to two opposite and inclined screws which guarantee a perfect fastening and adherence to the steerer stem.

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wheel build...2x2!

If a wheel is built preferably a rear wheel with 24 spokes(triple butted bladed) 50mm. and laced 2x on both drive side and non-drive side will that be a stronger build than if it were built with just radial (non-drive) and 2x drive side?Read More »

2x2, frame options?

Thanks for any advice on the following. i know this is a bit open ended. I built up a mountain bike frame with horizontal dropouts to be a 2x2 "singlespeed" commuter. two chainrings, two cogs spaced on a shimano freewheel hub. one chain tug. one chain length because total gear teeth are the ... Read More »

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