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3T Arx Pro Stems

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MSRP : $80.00

Product Description

3T Arx Pro Stem

Latin for stronghold and bridge, ARX is our new design for the perfect connection between fork and handlebar. In particular, we have optimized the design of the clamps. Steerers and handlebars are now usually made of composite materials, and can easily be compromised by poor clamp design. To assure the integrity of the Arx clamp interface, we perform our own tests that go way beyond the demands of CEN standards. We even tested this new stem's compatibility with other brands of handlebars and it passed with flying colors. Arx Pro is made of Al 2010 and has stainless-steel bolts. The material's grain structure is aligned for optimal strength, and the weight is a low 150 g.

  • Optimized clamp design
  • 3D forged and CNC machined
  • Outstanding value

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WTT 3T ARX Pro Stem 110mm

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3T ARX Pro Stem - White or Grey??

Are the graphics/letters on the 3T ARX Pro Stem white or grey?? Anyone that has one??Read More »

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