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3T Forma Stems

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Giordana Forma Red Bibs

Just bought two of them since backcountry.com has them at $100/bib. Anyone here has any experience with these? Looks like they were $200 originally. Need some new long distance bibs since my other ones are starting to wear out.Read More »

Olmo - Forma or Kurva

Has anyone ridden either of these bikes? I've heard good things about Olmo, but there is very little information about them on the net. I currently ride a Cannondale Synapse, and have had it for 4 years now. It's fine, I'm just bored with it and want go with an Italian steed this time around. I know ... Read More »

$ 119 Giordana Forma Red Bib Shorts + other bibs, jersey, glove & shoe deals

Competitive Cyclist just emailed me on some 50% off or better deals on bibs, jerseys, gloves, shoes, etc.... A few examples are below. Limited sizes available on most stuff, of course, but definitely worth a look. Their everyday prices tend to be on the high side, but you can't knock these doub ... Read More »

Giordana Forma Bibs for $150

indiebike.com Deal of the Day [URL="http://nsvirtualurl.com/app/crm/marketing/campaignlistener.nl?__lstr=__cl&__r=12415&c=651453&__h=1f32948ff668bcb58ba5&_od=aHR0cHM6Ly9mb3Jtcy5uZXRzdWl0ZS5jb20*&url=http://www.indiebike.com/Deal-of-the-Day"]http://nsvirtualurl.com/app/crm/marketing/campaignlisten ... Read More »

pinarello sestrier forma tubing

HELLO does anybody know about that cr-mo tubing it comes on a pinarello sestrier i think its a 25crmo4 , who made that tubing to pinarello and what are its parallels . please exuse my english thanksRead More »

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