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innertubes with smooth valve stems ?????????

Looking for some innertubes with smooth valve stems. Any recommendations???? thanks.Read More »


Did Ritchey stop making 17/73 degree stems? I do not see any more out there.Read More »

Stems (I'm Back)

What is the shortest possible, well functioning, not necessarily carbon stem for under $200?. The reason i ask is because i want the most sadde to bar drop i can get, but that has come with it's reach issues aswell. I figure if i find a ridiculously short stem my bike will fit perfectly. QUESTIO ... Read More »

Latex tubes with 60mm valve stems?

I know Vittoria makes 51mm and Vredestein make a 48mm. Anyone know of others who make a 60mm? I don't want to use extenders and need 60mm for my Cosmics.Read More »

Bars & Stems

What are the stiffest alloy bars and stem out there for road riding, and are they always the same brand?Read More »

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