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Vittoria Diamante Pro Light Clincher at PBK $19.29 shipped

For the weight weenie the Vittoria Diamante Pro Light clinchers are on sale at PBK. The older version (180g) is $24.29 and the newer version (170g) is $27. Use the "cycle5" code and get $5 off each tire you buy! [url]http://www.probikekit.com/us/tyres-tubes/bike-tyres/clincher-bike-tyres/vittoria ... Read More »

vittoria Diamante Pro help...please!

Im hoping someone can give me soem advice, or at least tell me if Im not goign crazy. I am the most loyal fan you will ever find. I have them on every bike, I use only Vitttoria tubes on all bikes, Vittoria tire liners, Pit Stop, Valve extenders, valves, valve tool, tires, everything. Even my tire ... Read More »

Vittoria Diamante Pro bad grip?

I've been riding another bike for a while then went back to my one with Easton EA 90 wheels and a Diamante Pro. I was going down a 12% grade hairpin turn (Montebello road for any SF bay area people here) and I leaning over a fair amount. I suddenly felt my wheel start sliding out from under me. I wa ... Read More »

vittoria diamante pro radiale

Has anyone used these? I thought 220tpi might ride pretty good without going to the cotton 320tpi corsa. I ordered one set in the 24mm [url=http://www.vittoria.com/product/diamante/]Diamante « Categories « Vittoria[/url] I figure conti GP4000s 23mm are a bit wider than vittorias rubino 23mm. ... Read More »

Veloflex Corsa, Vittoria Diamante Pro, GP4000s

I am looking for a new set of tires for my bike, and I think I have it narrowed down to these three but I can't seem to find the information I am looking for; For the record, I have searched and have been searching for a week to find exactly what I am looking for. Heres the background: I weigh 20 ... Read More »

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