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ANT+ cycle computer recommendation? / Bontrager Node rant!

So, I got a shiny new Trek Domane 5.2, with the nicely integrated "Duo-trap" sensor (new Trek frames come with a slot for the Bontrager *trap sensors, so they stay adjusted and are streamlined; it's a nice feature). These are ANT+ sensors. And I also got the Bontrager Node 1.1 cycle computer (why n ... Read More »

New Duotrap fro Duotrap S reqdy bikes Ant+ and Bluetooth

Just saw this on Treks site. Too bad it looks like not backwards compatible with current Duotrap bikesRead More »

Bontrager Duotrap ANT+ Iphone 5S?

Is the Bontrager Duotrap ANT+ compatible with the Iphone 5S? I use Cyclemeter, just bought a new Trek Domane that is Duotrap capable and was wondering if I could use that with my Iphone 5S and the the Cyclemeter App?Read More »

Giant's RideSense??? ANT+??? What is compatible?

Hey guys, I just got a Giant TCR Advanced with RideSense. It states that it is ANT+ compatible. Are all cycling computers ANT+? I've been searching this forum and others and haven't seen a clear answer. Garmin is a name that kept popping up as compatible. Are there others? Can anyone please shed som ... Read More »

Garmin Ant Agent dialog box at start up of MacBook... help

Every time I fire up the MacBook Pro, I get this... [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] Then I close it and move on. That little Micky ... Read More »

Read More »



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