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Civia Midtown Stems

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Civia Midtown Stem

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commute route from Ridgewood/paramus area to Midtown manhattan

Hello, i was planning to commute from ridgewood/paramus area to midtown, and back. Any suggestions on the route, or some other tips? Thanks!Read More »

Bike Lock/Bike Security Midtown NYC

OK, so I know bike thieves are a fact of life in this city. I recently built a Motobecane Vent Noir, with Neuvation wheels, and Rival Component group. I know, for commuting I shouldn't have used race components, but it's the all rounder I wanted. (Anyone else do this?) I bought a Kryptolok Se ... Read More »

Need a Midtown MSG to GWB route

Whats up everyone? I work in Penn Station and want to start to take my bike to work on my last day of work for the week and ride home back to Jersey, in northern bergen cnty. I take it I'd shoot down either 33rd or 34th to the West Side bike lane but from there how would you get to the Bridge? Im ... Read More »

Okc Midtown ride

Pictures from an Okc ride and different sights along the way on my San Jose that now has Nitto Noodle bars and white cork tape. Thanks Arby for your help so I could finally post pictures that I took with my Iphone. Now the rest.Read More »

Sacramento (midtown): viable after-work rides?

Hi all. I mostly ride mountain bikes (and frequent the mtbr.com forums), but I have a question for the folks here. Some changes with my job may land me in midtown Sacramento for a while, and I'm not sure that I'll have many (any?) viable options for after-work trail rides. So I'm wondering wh ... Read More »

Read More »



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