Control Tech One Stems

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Product Description

  • 3D forged AL 6061 alloy stem
  • New faceplate design
  • Length: 80 to 130 mm

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MulTicoloRed CloWns in BaKersField ProMpt CalLs to PoliCe, OnE ArResT

Bakersfield cops don't like them creepy looking multicolored clowns walking around exorcising their 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. [url=]Menacing clowns in Bakersfield prompt calls to police, one arrest - LA Time ... Read More »

If you could only have one tubular glued up for a full season racing...

I know that I have seen these discussions online before, but I am having trouble finding them or a summary of the results. The backstory to why I am asking: I only have one set of tubular wheels and I have Vittoria Cross Evo glued up. (These are the standard Griffo tread pattern). I raced in t ... Read More »

Marriage equality in one GIF map. Kinda interesting.

SO this took ten years. I wonder what else might change like this in the next ten years? Im thinking marjuwana legalization might look like this in ten years. Im advocation a position, im just saying that ten years is not a long time. Ten years ago seems like yesterday. [url=http://www ... Read More »

One off soul cross frame

finely done ( had shoulder surgery ) 17 lbs ready the race when i get fit.[ATTACH=CONFIG]300845[/ATTACH]just glued tires which is very tough.Read More »

I Can't Even Wrap My Head Around This One... you'll just have to figure it out for yourself. :shocked: [B][URL=""]Woman Uses Potato as Contraceptive, Grows Roots Inside Her Vagina[/URL][/B]Read More »

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