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The true tool to find your perfect riding position. Forged 6061 T6 parts, double splined main axle. Micro adjustment, one hand operation It is the stem used by professional team mechanics to help riders in testing and valuing riding position on time trial bikes.

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Where to find Rear Derailleur Cable Barrel Adj. for Shimano 105?

I can't seem to find these on the internet? My rear (Shimano 105) derailleur's barrel adjuster is cracked and needs replacing. Anyone know a source? I'm also looking to re-cable the entire bike, and this might be a good time to do it.Read More »

easy question front derailleur adj.

Sorry for the basic question...I usually let my LBS take care of all adjustments. When my chain is on the large chain ring in front, my chain will rub the inside of my front derailleur when I shift to the larger cogs in the rear. Essentially, I think my front derailleur need to move out a very sm ... Read More »

Campy rear der. adj.

I had a serious issue with an "03 record long cage der. used with an FSA triple crank. After approx. 8000 mi. and immed.after installing the 3rd chain, I noticed that in the small crank ring (and any rear cog) there was considerable pull on the der. cage and the chain would run up the inside the sma ... Read More »

Easton Circuits-hub adj

I picked up a new set of Easton Circuits. I noticed the other day a funny thing - when I coast briefly and then start pedalling again, there's a short space before the pawls pick up the wheel and transfer my effort to the cassette. Do I need to adjust my rear hub? I've been riding fixed a lot t ... Read More »

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