Dimension Adjustable Stems

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The Dimension Adjustable Stem comes in 25.4mm, 26.0mm and 31.8mm bar clamps and can be set to any angle between 70 and 130 degrees. Can be set to any angle between 70 and 130 degrees 3-D forged 6061-T6 aluminum Weight(cl...

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replacing felt adjustable stem

I have a 2011 z4 love the bike but hate the white stem and want to replace. I want to make sure i buy the right angle stem as the fit is perfect for me. I put a angle guage on it and its negative 10 degrees. now what that equates too with angle of headtube ect im not sure.Read More »

adjustable seatpost recommendations

Been wanting to replace the stock seatpost that came on my Pina. It's heavy (280g), even though the shaft is carbon. Worse, it's a huge PITA to adjust the seat. It uses a (edited) TWO bolts with a curved bracket system and wants to rock TOWARD THE BOLT when you tighten it. I helped fit a friend ... Read More »

Flip any adjustable stem ?

Can you flip any type of threadless, adjustable stem -- and use it right-side-up OR upside-down? Or are there some types that you can't flip? ThanksRead More »

Dia Compe side pull Brakes with Adjustable Spring Tension

These must be notoriously difficult to adjust. I spent about 30 minutes trying to figure them out and ended up taking to a pretty good bike shop. Two of the mechanics couldn't get it done and a third spent about 20 minutes getting it pretty good. Any secrets you could share? thank you!Read More »

More homemade stuff: Adjustable glider board

I used a simple 2x6 with three fork mounts in the back of my truck for years, but loading up for a camping trip last weekend I wanted to move one fork mount about 1/2". I didn't feel like unscrewing it, moving it, and re-screwing it down, in case I still wanted to adjust it, so I simply spent a bit ... Read More »

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