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Easton EA50 Stems

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MSRP : $19.99

Product Description

Easton's EA 50 is a great all around stem for either road or mountain setups. Features a 4-bolt face plate for added strength. + or -6 degree rise 31.8 clamp diameter Weight: 169g (110mm)...

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EA50 Aero vs EA50 SL

Are there any significant differences on these wheelsets? I'm considering both and am curious to know if one set holds an advantage over the other. I've read a lot of great things on the AE50 Aero because they support people 200+ lbs, which I do qualify for.Read More »

EA50 Aeros

I have a set of EA50 Aeros that are very difficult to take the tires off. Has anyone had this issue and came up with a solution?Read More »

Roval Pave SL or Easton EA50 aero?

I just bought a Crux and I want to get a second set of wheels for smooth tires and leave the CX tires on the DT Axis 2.0 wheels. I can get a set of brand new EA50 aero's for $300 or a set of Roval Pave SL's with 1000 miles on them for the same price (slight cassette munching on the freehub body). Ar ... Read More »

Easton EA50 or Fulcrum 7 for cx bike?

I'm gonna purchase a cx bike and have to choose between ultegra/fulcrum 7 and 105/easton ea50, only these are available locally, buying online is out of question. I don't bother about ultegra/105 choice, I'm not gonna race, only communing, road and off-road riding and I'm not going to upgrade the wh ... Read More »

Easton EA50 vs Mavic Cosmic Elite vs Roval Rapide AL 35 vs Williams System 30X

I may be in the position to buy some new wheels this spring. I am wanting to get some aero wheels, but my budget is limited. So I have narrowed my search to a few sets. I am looking for advice on which set everyone feels would best serve me at this price point. I am a recreational rider, I will not ... Read More »

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