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Easton EA70 Stems

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MSRP : $69.99

Product Description

2013 Easton EA70 Stem-Light, Fast and Strong The Easton EA70 is light enough for the road riders, but strong enough to keep the MTB crowd satisfied. Durability comes from the 3D forged EA70 aluminum and the DST? faceplate with TopLock? tec...

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Easton EA70 X replacement hub end cap

Is it possible to obtain a replacement end cap for a C3 front hub in a EA70 X wheelset? If not, what would be the best solution?Read More »

EA70 42cm road bars pig heavy. Options?

Unpleasantly surprised to weigh two 42cm Easton EA70 white bars at 290 and 291 grams. Is there a stiff aluminum bar under $80 msrp which weighs considerably less? Only one I've found without extensive searching is [url=http://www.performancebike.com/bikes/Product_10054_10551_1103566_-1_400213__40 ... Read More »

How do Easton EA70 Ergo bars rate?

Found some good holiday pricing in town with a great return policy if the bars and I don't get along. $35 out the door. In terms of weight and stiffness does Easton do a good job or is money better spent on the likes of Ritchey or 3T? Whoops, may have posted in wrong forum. Apologies.Read More »

First Tubular Cross Wheelset - '11 Hed Ardennes CL vs. '12 Easton EA70 X

Just getting into cross after years of mtn bike racing and have been researching tubular wheelsets as I hear they are the best in terms of weight, handling etc. for cross. Unfortunately, I am on a budget and cannot go with carbon right out of the gate. I've found a set of used 2011 Hed Ardennes CL ... Read More »

2011 Easton EA70 road bars FYI

Just purchased a set of these. Wrapped and went for a ride, something just didn't feel right. They are a 44cm bar measured CC at the bottom but they flare inward at the tops where the hoods are and measure out to a 41cm! This coupled with the large radius transition from the hooks to the tops makes ... Read More »

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