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Easton EC 90 SL Stems

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MSRP : $239.99

Product Description

The EC 90 SL stem weighs just 110-grams in the 100mm length thanks to our exclusive TaperWall technology and a touch of titanium hardware. Because we wanted to be sure the EC90 would never leave you wanting more when it came to handling or durability, we used our proprietary DST or Distributed Stress Technology and Top Lock faceplate to maximize the handlebar/stem interface.

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Easton Ec 90 Sl Clincher

Hi all i want to know if easton solved the issue with the R4 SL HUBS? i know that was a bearing and free hubs problems,i want to buy those ec 90 sl clinchers can any one say how they are ? thanks allRead More »

Hollowgram SL crankset or Easton EC 90 crankset

Yesterday, I supposed to make an order of the Hollowgram SL crankset and a ceramic Enduro BB for my Supersix at US$833. However, I was surprised to find that there was a special offer for the Easton EC 90 crankset (including ceramic BB) at US$640 (instead of the original US$830). The staff said th ... Read More »

Ouzo Pro, EC-90 SL, Alpha Q

How do they compare? I am a heavy rider (about 210) and I like a solid feel, but my new frame is expected to be quite stiff, so I am thinking I can give a little and get comfort for assurance that I wont snap it in two when I hit the brakes hard. I am a bit concerned about the carbon drop outs ... Read More »

Easton EC 90 SL users question.

I just received a new 05 Easton EC 90 sl fork. Are you guys using the EC -90 using the Easton compression device. It looks as though it would work OK and only weighs 18 grams on my scale. Any feedback? Thanks!Read More »

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