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Easton EC90 SL Carbon Stems

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MSRP : $240.00

Product Description

The Easton EC 90 SL carbon stem weighs just 125 grams in the 100mm length thanks to Easton?s exclusive TaperWall technology and a touch of titanium hardware. Easton didn?t set out to make the lightest stem in the world. No, Easton set out to make the ligh

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Easton EC90 SL Carbon Clinchers

Looking for feedback from current owners of these wheels. I like the profile (38mm) and would be running them for everyday training with Campy SR11. Thoughts and feedback appreciated. Thank you.Read More »

Easton EC90 SL Carbon Clincher vs. Reynolds Assault C

I am about to purchase a new set of wheels and these 2 are the ones i have been looking at. I am having a hard time deciding. Reviews would be nice, and if there are other wheels comparable that are worth taking a look at, please let me know. ThanksRead More »

My New Easton EC90 SL Carbon Clinchers w/ pic

Showed up today. Took them around the block just now. Will get a few hours on them tomorrow. I'll be very interested to see how they do. If my spin around the block is any indication, i expect to orgasm a few times on the ride tomorrow morning. :D :D [IMG]http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak- ... Read More »

Easton EC90 SL Carbon Clinchers - impressions?

I am thinking about getting a new set of Easton's EC90 SL Carbon Clinchers. I know that this is a relatively new product from Easton. However, does anyone have some good information regarding these wheels that they can pass on to me and anyone else that is considering these wheels? I am i ... Read More »

Carbon Bars - Easton EC90 vs. Kestrel EMS Pro SL

I am concidering these two bars. Any advise on one versus the other? Easton is the big name in carbon, but Kestrel has been doing it quite a while as well. Does anyone have good or bad things to say about either one? thanks ...Read More »

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