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Easton EC90 SL Stems

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MSRP : $230.00

Product Description

While choosing a more durable aluminum stem often means adding a bit of extra weight Easton makes it easy to choose aluminum because the EA90 weighs less than any of their carbon stems! At 125g the EA90's new 4-bolt Top Lock design offers increased security and ease of adjustment. 3D forged TaperWall construction guarantees rigidity. New 2010 look. Black or White. Oversized 31.8mm clamp. 10 rise.

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Easton EC90 SL Fork

anyone have experience with the latest forks from Easton? I know they've been criticized in the past for not being stiff under hard braking, diving into corners etc. they are substantially cheaper than a comparable fork from Enve. i'm 210#. build will be IF crown jewel with HED C2 wheels. ... Read More »

Wiggle: Easton EC90 SL 1 1/8 Road Bike Forks $229.15 Shipped

[url=http://www.wiggle.co.uk/easton-ec90-sl-1-18-road-bike-forks/]Wiggle | Easton EC90 SL 1 1/8 Road Bike Forks | Forks[/url] Use coupon 15-EXTRA $269.59-$40.44 = $229.15 with free shippingRead More »

Easton EC90 SL and Campagnolo Rear Derailleur

Campagnolo 11 speed Rear derailleur 1mm distance to the spokes of the EC90 SL carbon clincher when the chain is on the largest cogs and they are both perfectly align. if I move the derailleur it will make the noisy sound not being properly align. Im just worried if im on a climb and Im on the large ... Read More »

Easton EC90 SL clincher brake track help

So I have a set of Easton EC90 SL clinchers and like them very much but I notice my rear wheel showing some awkward marks in the brake track? Wondering if anyone has seen this type of thing before. A little concerning :(Read More »

Easton EC90 SL Carbon Clinchers

Looking for feedback from current owners of these wheels. I like the profile (38mm) and would be running them for everyday training with Campy SR11. Thoughts and feedback appreciated. Thank you.Read More »

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