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Edge Aluminum Stems

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CLOUT: Big Beer, Big Banks, Big Government and Aluminum

No, this isn't about foil hats; it's a reality check. [B][URL="http://www.slate.com/blogs/moneybox/2013/07/23/aluminum_hearings_banks_may_have_gone_too_far.html"]On Aluminum, Banks Have Finally Made Enemies With Real Clout[/URL][/B] [QUOTE]I'm watching the livestream of the Senate Bankin ... Read More »

Steel vs. Aluminum

I've been riding a mountain bike around town for a while and after some research I think A cyclocross bike is more what I'm looking for, what I'm seeing is that most of the options in the $1500 or less range are aluminum and I have been advised that might not be the best option because of my weight ... Read More »

Seeking recommendations for a road bike priced around ~$1500.... Carbon vs. Aluminum

Bike Dealers in my area are Giant, Felt, Specialized, and Cannondale. Main uses will be riding for fitness on a paved bike path river trail or on roads. I can see myself doing some races like granfondos or something, no crits or anything too dangerous though. My budget seems to be in that gr ... Read More »

Lightweight, deep aluminum rims

I'm looking for a rim to build a new wheelset to. Must be: Light, less than 500g Deep, 40mm or greater Wide, 21mm or wider Aluminum brake track (I don't care if its carbon faired) Does such a thing exist? Is something like that already in a factory wheelset? If not I need to decide if I ... Read More »

Aluminum Stiffness vs. Carbon

I know that carbon fiber has a better [I]stiffness-to-weight ratio[/I], but is an average all-carbon bike stiffer than aluminum? Or if, hypothetically, a bike manufacturer didn't care about weight (within reason) and tried to make a stiff bike, would an aluminum bike or a carbon bike be stiffer?Read More »

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