Fyxation Comet Stems

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Made out of 6061 aluminum the Comet Alloy Stem is both lightweight and strong. With a +/- 17 degree rise.

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seeing the comet PanSTARRS

"As the week wears on, the comet will get progressively higher and more northerly in the sky. But it will get progressively dimmer as well. That's what makes Tuesday's viewing opportunity so key: On March 12, PanSTARRS should be sitting just to the left of the crescent moon, as indicated in this sk ... Read More »

Overnight on The Silver Comet

I am just getting into road riding, but I am already planning to do an overnight ~200 mile ride on the entire length of The Silver Comet trail from Smyrna GA to the GA/AL border. Has anyone made this trip before? I am looking for recommendations on rest stops and camping locations along the trail ... Read More »

video of a comet exploding the sun

we are all gonna die. [url=http://www.space.com/13153-death-diving-comet-massive-explosion-sun.html]Death Diving Comet Cause Massive Explosion on Sun? | Space.com[/url]Read More »

Jamis Comet - Is it cracked?

Hello, I have Jamis Comet frame that has a hairline crack about an inch below right carbon seatstay. I took it to a dealer, they contacted Jamis, and Jamis claims it is not structurally damaged, that it is only crack in the paint. I only talked to the dealer on the phone. I'll probably pick up the ... Read More »

2005 Jamis Comet Bottom Bracket

Just purchase a Jamis road frame and want to put a Shimano compact crankset on,my problem is I am having some difficulty determining bottom bracket length.Could someone put me on the road to figuring this out.Thanks.Oh! Its a nine speeed.Read More »

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