Fyxation Rodeo Stems

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The Fyxation Rodeo stem is the perfect compmliment to our popular Rodeo and Rodeo Pursuit bar. Light and strong, the Rodeo stem is a high quality 6061 alloy stem with 4-bolt handlebar clamp for added stiffness. The Rodeo stem is designed for 1-1/8" threadless fork steerer and is available in 25.4 handlebar clamp diameter. The stem can be mounted for +/- 7 degree rise/drop.

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Rodeo Beach Pkg.Lot Over Run By AVIS

AVIS was in the Marin Headlands today. One of the guys from the EMT for hire agency that was standing around watching the shoot told me that AVIS was filming a commercial. They filled the entire gravel parking area north of Rodeo beach. Multiple vans filled with equipment, costumes, catering, plu ... Read More »

Spotted 3 guys on little Santa monica and rodeo

Looks like they were getting ready for a nice ride in the rain. Very dedicated. I was wondering if they are on this board.Read More »

Houston Rodeo and Memorial Park Campers...

My wife just reminded of that the rodeo is here and in the near future a bunch of "cowboys" will be 'camping' at Memorial Park. There has to be a list somewhere identifying all the people that will be camping at the park. I would love to get this list so I can go SH*T all over their front porches. ... Read More »

Blue Rodeo Appreciation

I have kept going back to this first song recently....what an incredible band not a lot of video out there...they are a little known band south of the Canadian borderRead More »

Beautiful song STILL (Blue Rodeo)

I do appreciate this....every time I hear it Please listen if you like ..... Read More »

Read More »



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