Hed Designs GTO Stems

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From sprinting to climbing to rolling down the block to gather the mail, the GTO is a strong ergonomic, stiff lightweight stem. The unusual cross- section on the front plate allows for superior stiffness, yet without weight gain. L...

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Pontiac GTO drivers. Rant

In the past few months I have had the (mis)fortune of having seen about 6 Pontiac GTOs on the streets. And EVERY single one has had an absolute A-hole behind the wheel. All the AMG, M-class, Corvette, SVT, Audi S-series and various other fast car drivers have never been as bad as these guys. Every s ... Read More »

Lance's GTO stolen

Don't know if this has already been here but thought it was sort of neat. Apparently the GTO that Sheryl Crow bought Lance was stolen. [URL=http://www.sltrib.com/healthscience/ci_2419899]Here is a link to the story.[/URL] [I]Disclaimer - Apologize in advance if this has already been post ... Read More »

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