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Kalloy Adjustable Stems

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Product Description

The Kalloy Adjustable Road Stem adjusts from 70-130 degrees allowing you to fine tune your cockpit just how you want it. Height = 40mm, 265 grams Weight: 260 g Bar Clamp Diameter: 26.0, 31.8 mm Stem Angle: 30-150 d...

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replacing felt adjustable stem

I have a 2011 z4 love the bike but hate the white stem and want to replace. I want to make sure i buy the right angle stem as the fit is perfect for me. I put a angle guage on it and its negative 10 degrees. now what that equates too with angle of headtube ect im not sure.Read More »

adjustable seatpost recommendations

Been wanting to replace the stock seatpost that came on my Pina. It's heavy (280g), even though the shaft is carbon. Worse, it's a huge PITA to adjust the seat. It uses a (edited) TWO bolts with a curved bracket system and wants to rock TOWARD THE BOLT when you tighten it. I helped fit a friend ... Read More »

Flip any adjustable stem ?

Can you flip any type of threadless, adjustable stem -- and use it right-side-up OR upside-down? Or are there some types that you can't flip? ThanksRead More »

Dia Compe side pull Brakes with Adjustable Spring Tension

These must be notoriously difficult to adjust. I spent about 30 minutes trying to figure them out and ended up taking to a pretty good bike shop. Two of the mechanics couldn't get it done and a third spent about 20 minutes getting it pretty good. Any secrets you could share? thank you!Read More »

More homemade stuff: Adjustable glider board

I used a simple 2x6 with three fork mounts in the back of my truck for years, but loading up for a camping trip last weekend I wanted to move one fork mount about 1/2". I didn't feel like unscrewing it, moving it, and re-screwing it down, in case I still wanted to adjust it, so I simply spent a bit ... Read More »

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