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Pro Vibe Stems

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MSRP : $190.00

Product Description

Pro's Vibe Carbon Road Stem is stiff for maximum power transfer and control. Its carbon/aluminum composite construction means it's light enough for any gram counter. And, it has a safe and secure puzzle clamp design with titanium bolts for even more weight savings.

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PRO Vibe carbon bar cracks?

Do you think this PRO Vibe carbon bar is cracked? I thought so but another user messages me that may not be the case. Now I am ver confused. Could it be that the cosmetic finish layer is that jagged, rough? All of my Ritchey WCS carbon components are as smooth as glass. [ATTACH=CONFIG]299649[/A ... Read More »

Cracked Pro Vibe Track stem faceplate

So long story short, everything set to the correct torque on my Pro Vibe Track stem. Yesterday I noticed a crack near the screw hole of the faceplate. Is it possible to get just a replacement faceplate? Love this stem!Read More »

Decals for Pro Vibe Track Stem?

I have a Pro Vibe Track Stem, and I've seen a few with custom decals. Does anyone know if these are commercially available? [IMG]http://img301.imageshack.us/img301/3726/bikemotion019.jpg[/IMG]Read More »

That Weird Vibe Coming From Ron Paul That You're Feeling...

... seems to be actual credibility. Whoa. :eek: The guy's been dismissed as a crackpot for so long (often by his own party) that it's surprising to see, but... Ron Paul is now polling NECK-AND-NECK for second place in Iowa with Romney (and apparently has a strong ground organization there). A ... Read More »

Shimano PRO Vibe UD Carbon Stem and Seatpost Review

Let me start out by saying in no way do I represent or sell Shimano PRO products. I have been an avid cyclist for over 20 years riding both road and MTB. [B]PRO Vibe UD seatpost (27.2 mm x 280 mm)[/B] I recently purchased a Provibe UD carbon seatpost to replace my Thomson Layback. Nothing wr ... Read More »

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