Salsa Cycles Guide Stems

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  • AL-6061-T6 aluminum construction
  • 3D-forged for increased strength, then CNC-machined
  • 4-bolt faceplate design

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Thinking about cycling in Bali? Here’s your guide!

Fellow globetrotter and world wanderer, Lash, recently wrote Cycling Bali: Guidebook to Circumnavigating Bali by Bicycle. If you’re considering taking your bike to the island, this is the book you need. [IMG] ... Read More »

Ridley Helium SL cable guide.

I got a 2013 Ridley Helium SL. This is also my first bike with internal cabling. After about 3500miles since new I noticed my front der wasn't shifting from the big to small ring as well especially under load. So time for the new cables it is. When I took the old cables out immediately noticed why t ... Read More »

A Beginner's Guide to the Freshwater Aquarium Cycle

[B]What is the aquarium cycle?[/B] The aquarium cycle is not really a cycle in the true sense of the word but refers to the part of the nitrogen cycle that plays a vital role in our aquariums. All animals produce ammonia as a waste product of metabolization and this ammonia is toxic to these ani ... Read More »

Touring Bicycle Guide

[IMG]$_32.JPG[/IMG]Whether the trip takes one day or spans two weeks, bicycle tours focus more on adventure, enjoyment, and scenery than on speed or exercise. Bicycles designed specifically for touring treks differ from standard departme ... Read More »

Seeking a food guide!

I'm looking for a pre and ride food guide for 2 to 4 hr rides. I do not need to loose or gain mass. Sitting at 1.6m and Yolkless Eggs, toast and bananas are fine and all (pre and post fuel). During rides, I like to be SUPER neat with what I'm eating. Clif Bloks are nice because you ... Read More »

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