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Justifying an indoor trainer. Questions about KK and TR

I have a couple questions that I was hoping someone could answer for me. I'm trying to justify purchasing an indoor trainer for this winter when it gets too cold and dark early. For reference I am looking at getting a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine and pairing that with Trainer Road program. 1) Can I m ... Read More »

Old Nishiki Tr-A

Anybody have info on an original Nishiki Tri-A. The bike has all original components. And people that do know about bikes just say it is rare you see them in such good shape. Honestly I've been thinking of selling it. But sometimes I feel it rides nicer than my Trek mountain bike I own that's only a ... Read More »

Difference between Prologo Scratch TR and Pro?

I have a Prologo Scratch TR and overall I like the shape. I do get a fair bit of pressure in the perineum. I know the TR is the team replica saddle but does anyone know the differences between that and the Pro? Same shape and size but the Pro is heavier that is about all I know. I am hoping that ... Read More »

TR Lightweight brake set? Anyone tried them?

I'm about to pull the trigger on some TR Lightweight Brake Caliper sets but I wanted to see if anyone here have tried them before? Here is a link for the description. [url=]TR ROAD BIKE BRAKE CLIPER SET ... Read More »

Spam: Merlin TR - Ultegra 10 speed

Merlin TR, great shape, offers weclome. [url=]Merlin Works TR 3/2.5 - RoadBikeREVIEW.Com[/url]Read More »

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