Campagnolo Chorus Bottom Brackets

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Except for a few small differences in materials the Chorus bottom bracket like almost all the other components in the groupset is a clone of the Record. Maximum quality lightness and exceptional smoothness are the hallmark of this system. Hollow ax

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Chorus 11 Controls with Ultra 6800 Derailleurs?

EDIT: unless someone knows something more, it looks like my question has been answered and that this will NOT work because of different actuation ratios in Campy and Shimano Derailleurs. Hi all – Background on me: - huge fan of campy ultrashift controls - insist on doing all my own wrenching - w ... Read More »

Chorus 2015 cranks with Athena everything else?

Hi guys! I've searched the forums for anything that hints the above, didn't [I]exactly[/I] find anything.. But anyhow, I was wondering. I currently have the Athena 11s group (Idk which year, with the UT crank if that helps) and I'm thinking of upgrading to the 2015 Chorus cranks. And contradictor ... Read More »

New Veloce vs. old Chorus? WWMD?

I crashed and ruined a 10 speed Carbon Chorus med. cage rear derailleur. I think it's the last 10 speed carbon Chorus Campagnolo made. The only carbon is the face plate with 'chorus' written on it. The question is, do the new Veloce rear derailleurs work better than the old Chorus? If so I'll go ... Read More »

Campagnolo Chorus or Centaur - which front derailleur ?

Hello! I have sent my stuff to the Campagnolo UK service centre, and they have completely restored my 9 - speed setup, that is from 1998.It is now upgradeable to 9 speed, although I was thinkig of buying a pair of Chorus 10 - speed shifters, the QS version.I now need a front derailleur for my non - ... Read More »

6 yr. old Chorus shifters and new 10 speed rear derailleur ?

I have 6 year old carbon chorus shifters. Am I going to have any trouble if I get a new short cage 10 speed rear derailleur? Will it shift OK?Read More »

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