Phil Wood Eccentric Bottom Brackets

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The standard eccentric shell is for framebuilders. It is made out of 4130 chromoly tubing. It uses 17-4 stainless stand-offs that can be welded or brazed to the shell. These stand-offs accept cupped-point set screws used to fix the position of the eccentric body. Our standard eccentric is meant for an eccentric bottom bracket shell with an inner diameter of 2.142.” It provides 1/2" of eccentricity. A 6mm hex wrench can be used to rotate the eccentric to the desired position.

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Eccentric chainrings: do they lessen torque at TDC?

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Eccentric BB with two bolts...?

Hi, I have a 2012 Furley that seems to have a creaky BB. I was going to try to tighten it up a little, and noticed it has two bolts in addition to the two pin holes for rotating the BB. I was expecting a wedge-type BB and as such only one bolt. Does anyone have any info on how a BB like this func ... Read More »

Eno Eccentric and brake bridge

I have a Look KG 381 that I would like to convert to a single speed/fixie. I have done some research and have heard raves about the White Eno Eccentric hub, freewheel and cog. My concern is that there doesn't appeart to be much clearance between a 25mm tire and the brake bridge on the frame. I co ... Read More »

Eccentric chainrings: Making a comeback?

I'm starting to see various versions popping up again lately from both indie manufacturers (Moto) and main line (Shimano). The concept always seemed to have some validity to me. Anyone using them or have any knowledge of the new crop?Read More »

Track ends vs standard droputs with a WI eccentric hub

The frame I'm looking at is stock with standard dropouts and derailleur hanger, I will be setting the new bike up as a SS. Having the frame custom made with track ends is an option, for an extra $300. My current CX bike is set up with a White Industries eccentric hub, I have not had any problems wit ... Read More »

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