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How To: Thread Internal Cables (Video)

Internal cabling on both road and mountain is beautiful to look at (the absense of) but a nightmare to work on. Here is a useful tip for threading internal cables, all it needs is some cotton thread and a vacuum cleaner.   Read More »

Video: How To Route Internal Cables

Most new top end road bikes come with internal cable routing. When it’s threaded and ready to go, it makes for a stealthy, streamlined look. But getting cables routed through your frame can be one of the most frustrating tasks a home mechanic has to face. Here’s a video tutorial to help make the tas ...    Read More »

Sea Otter: First look at Fezzari's disc-equipped road bike

Utah-based direct-to-consumer bike seller Fezzari will plunge wheels first into the road disc arena in mid-summer 2014, releasing a disc-equipped full carbon tarmac tamer with thru-axles front and rear.   Read More »

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Bike has 2700 miles on the cables. How often do you replace?Read More »

Best way to do a touch-up clean of shifters, brake cables/housing and derailures?

I was looking for a way to do a "touch-up" cleaning of my shifters, brake cables/housing and derailures, ideally without taking them off the bike. I was thinking about hitting them with Liquid Wrench penetrating oil, till the fluid looked clean. Allow them to dry, then hit them with the Tri-flow l ... Read More »

Fellow SL2 Tarmac owners, do your derailure cables "crisscross" on the down tube?

I can't seem to find any pictures of the underside of an assembled SL2 Tarmac... The cables for my front and rear derailure "crisscross" each other on ther way down. This seems logical due to the way the cables are routed under the bar tape but I'm worrying about them rubbing each other to death ... Read More »

How many miles before cables are fully stretched on a new bike?

I got a Motobecane Super Strada about a month ago and I have 690 miles on it. I've been riding with my terrible derailleur tuning handiwork because I want to fully stretch out the cables before I throw down cash on a professional tune up. Approximately how many miles does it take? Also, any guidel ... Read More »

Are all shift cables the same?

I am specifically referring to MicroShift. I'm a novice at wrenching. I've assembled my single speed from Bikes Direct, replaced cassette and chain, adjusted rear der., etc... I decided to replace the tri bars on my Fuji with drop bars (please don't reply with geometry/handling concerns). I t ... Read More »

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