Shimano Road Brake Cables

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Shimano PTFE/Stainless Brake Cable (Road) 1.6x2050mm: PTFE-coated stainless cables used in 7900-series systems and compatible with all levels.

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TT/Aero/U-Brake vs standard side-pull brake for road bike

Brakes such as the [URL=""]TRP T925[/URL] or [URL=""]Campagnolo TT brakes[/URL] can be mounted the same way as regular side-pull brakes. If they are more ae ... Read More »

Disc Brake Wheels for road not CX. Whatchya got?

Like them or not, disc brakes are coming to road bikes. Not too many yet, and some wheel manufacturers are already offering choices. Some are not. I'd like to discuss disc brake wheels specifically for road bikes, not cyclocross. I just took possession of a disc brake road bike and looking at whe ... Read More »

Post up your disc brake equipped road bikes.

CX bikes are allowed. Absolutely no discussion is allowed, as this isn't the place to debate the pros and cons of disc brakes, which will only turn into a pissing war. This thread is for pictures only.Read More »

Road bike brake pad advice

[SIZE=3][FONT=arial]Hello forum, I am a beginner cyclist but I love the sport! I have a question for some of you more experienced cyclists. I have a Jamis Ventura Sport '13 which I enjoy but quite frankly the brakes suck! I have been told that brake pads make as much of a difference on the braking e ... Read More »

Disc Brake Carbon Road Wheel Recommendations?

My riding is mostly climbing and endurance type rides. I weigh 170 pounds and would like something light (under 1500 grams I think), decently stiff for descending, and comfortable. The ability to go tubeless would be great. As a reference I am looking at the Volagi Ingnite SL carbon wheels, but t ... Read More »

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