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SRAM Pitstop Cables

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Product Description

Pitstop (by SRAM) is a high-quality, replacement brake cable.  Stainless construction. ...

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Pitstop in Raleigh, NC next week - what should i do

i will be in Raleigh next week for work - i have thursday and friday night to myself....decide my fate.Read More »

Vittoria Pitstop and Valve Stem question

I will be setting up my first set of tubulars. I am planning on using vittoria pit stop for puncture flats as well carrying a spare just in case. Will I need removable core tubulars with special valve stem adapters in order for the pitstop to get in the tube? Or will it work with just a normal valv ... Read More »

vittoria pitstop

does this stuff work for a puncture ( not a gash). will it get me back to the crib?Read More »

valve extentions and victoria pitstop

Has anyone tried victoria pitstop with valve extentions? I am using topeak valve extentions ( they use the valve in the tire bit use a "pin" to let the air out) This leaves the valve open all the time. My concern is that the valve will become clogged if I use the pitstop and that will leave the tire ... Read More »

Vittoria Pitstop Use Question

I have purchased 2 bottle of of the stuff based on some good feedback I have read online that sounds real promising. My question is how do you use the stuff? The little pictures on the back for the directions are not clear or that I am reading too much into them. Can anyone write out the steps on ... Read More »

Read More »



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