Yokozuna Derailleur Cables

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High-grade raw materials, flexibility, strength,Tight construction and quality control, all properties of a Yokozuna cable. You can actually feelThe difference betweenThese and a low cost cable just byTouch! High grade stainless steelTightly wound Smoother feelThan PTFE coated cables Includes crimp Made in Japan Length 2100mm

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Rear Shifter or Derailleur Issue?

Hi All - Took my bike in for new shifter cables. Even though the old cables were corroded and grody it was shifting flawlessly. Group is DA-7700 9speed on a 2003 Trek 5200. When I pick it up mechanic says rear shifter must be getting ready to die as it is shifting badly. I took it for a ride and ... Read More »

Dialing-in front derailleur

I was having over-shifting issues with my front derailleur when shifting to the big ring. Since I had not played with limits, I thought it was a worn drivetrain issue; replaced chain and improved R.D. shifting but no luck in the front. Took the bike into trusted LBS thinking that the issue was a wo ... Read More »

Alternative derailleur hanger for Synapse 2006

I have Synapse 2006 carbon with Ultegra setup and 27 tooth cassete. I am planing to drive some Alps climbs during next year. On my other bike (Italian Torpado with 105 setup) I had cassette with max 32 cog. That was very useful when I climbed some steep Italian mountains. I could keep the cadence f ... Read More »

Adjusting Rear Derailleur Help

I need to make adjustments to the rear derailleur. I mostly ride in the same place every weekend Key Biscayne in Miami FL, in key Biscayne we have a very nice tall bridge and I am finding myself shifting to the smallest cog when going down the bridge kind of fast, I shift but it takes quite a bit to ... Read More »

Shimano Ultegra RD-6870-SS rear derailleur compatible with 11-28 cassette

Can you use an 11-28 cassette with an 11-speed Shimano Ultegra RD-6870-SS rear derailleur (Di2)? The Shimano website at [url=http://bike.shimano.com/publish/content/global_cycle/en/us/index/products/road/ultegra_di20/product.-code-RD-6870-SS.-type-.rddi_road.html]product[/url] seems to suggest th ... Read More »

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